Tenant Requirements

Tenant Screening & Rental Application Policy 


This is a statement of our rental application and screening policies. This explains our rental occupancy and our requirements for all potential tenants.  


  1. Rental Application Process: The rental application needs to be filled out completely and accurately. We will not process an incomplete application; this includes the payment of all applicable non-refundable application fees. Any material misstatement or omissions, made on your application, whether or not discovered before you move in to the building, is grounds for denial of an application or termination of an existing tenancy. Information must be also verifiable. If information given to us on the application cannot be verified, this is valid basis for rejection. Application fee(s) will not be refundable.  


  1. Photo Identification: Every adult that will be living in the apartment is required to complete a rental application and to provide a government issues photo ID. 


  1. Screening Services:  Management uses the tenant screening service below  

On-Site LLC, which can be contacted at: 2201 Lakeside Blvd., Richardson, TC 75082; 1-877-222-0384 


  1. Lease Paperwork and Payment: Applicants approved for occupancy will not be entitled to an apartment until they sign all the lease paperwork and pay a security deposit and any rent required at the time of signing. Management requires that its forms of lease paperwork, and any applicable addenda or rules, be signed.  


  1. Occupancy:  

Efficiency/Studio: maximum of 1 person  

1 Bedroom: Maximum of 2-3 persons 

2 Bedroom: Maximum of 4-5 persons (no more than (2) of these persons may be 18 or over) 

3 Bedroom: Maximum of 6 persons (no more than (3) of these persons may be 18 or over) 


  1. Minimum income:  

Minimum income of primary applicant:  

  • Household income must be at least 3x the monthly rent amount of the property or unit. 
  • Proof of income to be provided such as the latest 2 consecutive months of bank statements, latest salary or wage/pay stubs. 
  • Proof of other earnings received from Unemployment benefits, Housing Assistance, and /or part-time or temp jobs shall be provided if applicable and shall be subject for verification.  


  1. Housing History: You must provide the name and last known telephone number of each landlord/property manager for each address you had for the last three (3) years. Roommate references are not acceptable. Failure to disclose an address of record in the last (3) years is cause for rejection of your application. Positive rental references are one of the most important things managements looks at in screening applicants. The refusal of a prior landlord to give a reference, or a negative reference, will be grounds for rejection of your application. In the case of first-time renters, young people, students, or new immigrants to the United States, TNCR Company reserves the right to vary this requirement if all other aspects of the screening appear positive and/or applicant is able to pay an additional deposit, or pay an amount for advance rent, we may also vary this requirement for prior homeowners.  


  1. Eviction Filings: Unlawful Detainer or eviction case history will be checked. Eviction actions within the past three (3) years for rent, or Unlawful Detainer action in the past seven (7) years for other reasons, may be basis for rejection of your application. 


  1. Credit References: Bank and credit references will be checked. An adverse bank or credit reference or the absence of credit may be grounds for rejection of an application. A bankruptcy or adverse credit report with the last twelve (12) months is grounds for rejection. 


  1. Criminal History: Management will screen for criminal history. Criminal history may be basis for rejection of application.  


  1. Business Relationships: The relationship between a landlord and tenant is a business relationship. A courteous and business-like attitude is required from both parties. We reserve the right to refuse rental to anyone who if verbally abusive, swears is disrespectful, makes threats, has been drinking, is argumentative or in general displays attitude at the same time of the apartment showing and application process that causes management to believe we would not have a positive business relationship.  


  1. Additional Requirements for Pets: Certain pets may be allowed in select buildings. An additional pet deposit of $450.00 per pet (maximum of one (1)), is required plus meeting all requirements of management for consent for a pet. This may include but is not limited to an additional monthly charge per month. (Except for animals used to accommodate the disabled.  


  1. Equal Opportunity: TNCR company is an equal opportunity housing provider. We do not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, creed, national origin, ancestry, marital status, religion, family status, age, disability, affectional preference, or status with respect to receipt of public assistance. TNCR Company will make reasonable modification in rules, policies, practices, or services when accommodations may be necessary to afford a disable person equal opportunity to use and enjoy housing. If you wish to request a reasonable accommodation, please contact us at the address below. If you feel you have not been treated fairly in any way by an agent or employee of TNCR Company, please contact us at the address below. We will promptly investigate and respond to any concern that we have not followed the fair housing laws.